The leaders in food and nutrition are returning to Chicago – Get ready to supercharge your strategy!

FOOD VISION kicked-off 2016 in Europe with a close look at key global trends before heading to Singapore where the spotlight was put on the rapidly evolving Asian food and nutrition markets.

Now, it’s time once again to look at what’s simmering in the US, the world’s largest food market. Supercharge your business strategy with insights from innovative incubators, disruptive health warriors, tactical thinkers and many more.

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Key Forum Points

What is Food Vision?

Food Vision is an all-inclusive event with a unique format designed to facilitate industry insight; gauge commercial opportunities, and foster business relationships for leaders in the US food, beverage and nutrition industries.

Why should I attend?

Join the Food Vision community and break new ground. This is your opportunity to: develop new business relationships – promote your brands and organization – reach decision makers through unparalleled networking – benefit from extensive knowledge transfer & cement your leadership position.

Who should attend?

If you’re a leader involved in developing food and drink products or nutritional food products and supplements, Food Vision will inspire you and provide a unique platform to grow your business through knowledge transfer and networking.

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