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Take a look at the Food Vision USA 2017 highlights!

From ‘clean’ food to hydroponics, Food Vision USA saw the leaders in food and nutrition come together to discuss the challenges involved in today’s market and how to meet the ever increasing consumer demand for high quality but low cost; convenient yet healthy.

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THE TRAILBLAZERS: ‘Grasshoppers are almost neutral in taste and flavor,’ says Hargol FoodTech CEO

Grasshoppers have several distinct advantages over crickets as a food ingredient, claims Dror Tamir at Israeli edible insect start-up Hargol FoodTech, who caught up with FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson at FOOD VISION USA in Chicago.

From the ‘age of homebodies’ to the end of animal agriculture

Held at the W hotel in Chicago Nov 13-15, FOOD VISION USA brought together a glittering array of speakers from big and small food brands, spanning topics from food e-commerce and meal kits to clean-label trends, clean meat, hydroponics and whether the current obsession with protein is a fad or a trend.

Peapod overcomes major hurdles to maximize the full potential of ecommerce for groceries

Americans may say they want to eat at home more in order to save money, improve their health and waste less, but the reality is restaurant spending is up – revealing a paradox and an opportunity for retailers and CPG manufacturers, according to a top Peapod executive.

The new marketing playbook acknowledges consumers are in control of brands’ fate

The days of pushing out a refined, tightly controlled marketing message without listening to what consumers want to know are long over, and brands that want to make it in the modern world must listen first, according to a top marketing professional with Ketchum PR.

What ‘clean’ food cues are shoppers looking for? Hartman Group weighs in

Consumers are looking for cues signaling ‘clean’ and ‘natural’, but they don’t necessarily expect to see those words on food labels, and may even be suspicious of brands that use them on pack, says Hartman Group.


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