Dr Grace Douglas

Dr Grace Douglas

Advanced Food Technology Lead Scientist, NASA Johnson Space Center

Grace  leads NASA’s research effort to develop safe, nutritious and palatable foods that will sustain astronauts during long space missions. Her work, which includes investigations into novel processing, packaging, storage, probiotics and functional foods, has relevance for the whole industry. She has degrees in food science from Penn State and North Caroline Universities and a PhD in functional genomics, also from North Carolina.

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Food in microgravity and beyond: How NASA scientists deliver ‘the right stuff’

Food scientists at NASA overcome unique challenges to create foods that will sustain astronauts during the rigors of space travel.  Grace will encourage us to think a long way outside of the box as she outlines learnings for the global food industry from the space program’s development of nutritious, stable foods for missions to the moon and Mars.

Her presentation will reveal:

  • Lessons learned in space about the creation of safe, nutritious, stable foods
  • How the NASA food system has evolved in the last fifty years
  • The unique challenges involved in developing food for a Mars mission
  • Promoting crew health and well-being through food system development




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