Food Innovation Webinar

What’s the secret to developing winning food and beverage products (and can ‘Big Food’ still innovate)?

What’s the secret to developing winning food and beverage products? Hard data and insight… or intuition and stardust?  And can ‘Big Food’ still create winners, or should it throw in the towel and leave innovation to smaller, more agile counterparts (and then buy them)?

While no consumer panel or computer algorithm can predict with 100% accuracy whether a new product will be a hit, meanwhile, can new tools to generate repid, high-quality feedback on concepts at an earlier stage save more time and money later on? And what really distinguishes the winners from the losers in the innovation stakes?

In association with Food Vision USA, introducing the FoodNavigator-USA Food Innovation Forum.

Date: Wednesday July 19, 2017

Time: 11:30am EDT

Duration: 60 minutes

In the first 45 mintues of the free-to-attend, online 60-minute Food Innovation Forum (moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson), we’ll discuss:

Can big food still innovate? With many legacy brands struggling to stay relevant to today’s consumers, should big CPG companies throw in the towel and simply buy-in innovation from smaller, sexier, more agile brands?

What is innovation? A cool product? A new business model? Blue-sky change or incremental updates? What can we learn from successful new launches?

How is the innovation process changing? What new tools are brands using to get products to market more quickly, and build consumer insights into the process at every stage? Are traditional focus groups becoming passé?

The remaining 15 minutes of the forum – developed in partnership with Food Vision USA – will be devoted to Q&A where you can put your questions to our expert panel:

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