Lance Leonard

Lance Leonard

President and CEO, True Drinks Inc.

Lance has worked in the beverage market since 2000 and has held a number of sales and marketing roles with Nestle Waters. Latterly, as Director of Global Customers, he helped develop Nestle’s go to market strategies for emerging markets. He joined True Drinks in 2013 with a clean slate and a single goal – to deliver consumer-focused innovation and rapid growth.

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Let’s stop drinking the kool aid. Why old categories need new thinking

The childrens’ beverage market in the US is worth around $2 billion a year, but is crowded with products that haven’t changed much in 20 years. Until True Drinks came along that is. True Drinks launched its zero calorie, naturally flavored, vitamin enhanced AquaBall range in early 2013. With demand increasing for better-for-you options, AquaBall has begun to distribute product internationally with a goal of growing its market share between 3-5% in the coming year. CEO Lance Leonard has spent more than two decades working in beverages with leading corporates, which gives him experience-based insight into why big companies often find it hard to change their thinking and transform a category. He’ll reveal what it takes to do so and share some of the secrets of AquaBall’s success.

  • The AquaBall story – no sugar, lots of fun
  • Let the consumer decide – why it’s vital (and more than possible) to let consumers dictate the direction of innovation
  • The need for speed – how to make sure the innovation process keeps pace with science, the consumer and the art of the possible
  • Get in at the grassroots – why ‘marketing’ is out and ‘dialogue’ is in
  • Spotting the opportunities – how to know when a category is ripe for transformation
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