THE TRAILBLAZERS: ‘Grasshoppers are almost neutral in taste and flavor,’ says Hargol FoodTech CEO

Grasshoppers have several distinct advantages over crickets as a food ingredient, claims Dror Tamir at Israeli edible insect start-up Hargol FoodTech, who caught up with FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson at FOOD VISION USA in Chicago.

From the ‘age of homebodies’ to the end of animal agriculture

Held at the W hotel in Chicago Nov 13-15, FOOD VISION USA brought together a glittering array of speakers from big and small food brands, spanning topics from food e-commerce and meal kits to clean-label trends, clean meat, hydroponics and whether the current obsession with protein is a fad or a trend.

Peapod overcomes major hurdles to maximize the full potential of ecommerce for groceries

Americans may say they want to eat at home more in order to save money, improve their health and waste less, but the reality is restaurant spending is up – revealing a paradox and an opportunity for retailers and CPG manufacturers, according to a top Peapod executive.

The new marketing playbook acknowledges consumers are in control of brands’ fate

The days of pushing out a refined, tightly controlled marketing message without listening to what consumers want to know are long over, and brands that want to make it in the modern world must listen first, according to a top marketing professional with Ketchum PR.

What ‘clean’ food cues are shoppers looking for? Hartman Group weighs in

Consumers are looking for cues signaling ‘clean’ and ‘natural’, but they don’t necessarily expect to see those words on food labels, and may even be suspicious of brands that use them on pack, says Hartman Group.

Campbell Soup joins the lineup at FOOD VISION USA 2017: ‘We’re restless, future focused and consumer-centric…’

While it’s probably still best known for its iconic condensed soup, Campbell Soup has been quietly re-engineering its portfolio in recent years via a series of strategic acquisitions and investments spanning everything from hummus and dips to organic bone broth and personalized nutrition. But how easy is it to turn around an ocean liner, and when is it best to innovate in-house, and when best to buy in innovation?Read more >

What does the Amazon/Whole Foods deal mean for everyone else?

Much of the punditry immediately following the Amazon/Whole Foods announcement focused on how the tie up might impact Whole Foods stores. Will they become test beds for Amazon Go-style technology and fulfilment centers for Amazon’s broader grocery portfolio? Will prices come down? What’s less clear, however, is what the deal will mean for everyone else.Read more >

Where is the plant-based movement heading (and will ‘clean’ meat give it a run for its money)?

Growing interest in plant-based foods, ‘clean’ (aka cultured) meat, and grass-fed, humanely-raised meat and regenerative agriculture, stems from a desire to seek alternatives to industrialized animal production. But where will these emerging segments fit into the market, and are they a threat or an opportunity for traditional meat, egg and dairy companies?Read more >

Food & beverage entrepreneurs! Want a FREE place at FOOD VISION USA 2017?

Want to get feedback on your new product/business from our expert panel in front of a live audience in Chicago? Show us why you’re an innovation trailblazer and win a FREE place at the hottest food and beverage conference in the US… Read more >

What’s for dinner tonight?

With more Americans only starting to think about what to have for dinner a few hours – or even minutes – before they plan to eat,  but at the same time becoming more demanding and health conscious, retailers and manufacturers are under pressure to offer fresher, more convenient solutions. But where do online meal kit and meal delivery services fit in? Read more >

Unprecedented traction’ of Hippeas attracts Leonardo DiCaprio, Strand Equity Partners

Leonardo DiCaprio – who has already shown quite an interest in the food and beverage sector via investments in guayusa-fueled tea brand RUNA and seafood company Love the Wild – has poured an undisclosed sum into chickpea snack brand Hippeas, along with Strand Equity Partners.  Read more >

Are you an innovation trailblazer? Then take center stage at FOOD VISION USA 2017

We’re searching for trailblazing, entrepreneurial start-ups to present their red hot food and nutrition innovations at Food Vision USA in Chicago on November 13, 2017.  Read more >

Recipe for success: Why bugs & social innovation are on the menu

What kind of food will be on our plates tomorrow? Worms and crickets? And what will it take for the industry to pick up on this trend and make headway with it? Read more >

Health influencers and brand power key to winning consumer hearts and minds

In a turbulent 2016 that has seen major political upheaval in Europe and the US no one could’ve failed to notice how trusted voices of reason have given way to a louder, more headline grabbing form of communication. Read more

Personalised sports nutrition gains another player

At Food Vision in London on March 1-3 ex-Olympian Andrew Steele will explain why he is so excited about applying genetics to dramatically improve the nutrition and performance of sportspeople. Read more

From wheat to meat: Seaweed start-up launches vegan bacon after pasta success

Following the success of I Sea Pasta, seaweed specialist Seamore, has launched a vegan bacon made entirely from seaweed and has further plans to expand its market. Read more

Get ready for bespoke snacking experiences on a mass scale, says Mondelēz chocolate innovator

Snacking is about to get personal with food manufacturers using technologies such as visual and 3D printing to scale up bespoke eating experiences, according to Gil Horsky, global innovation leader at Mondelēz International. Hear more at Food Vision 2017 or read the article here… Read more >

Watch the Food Vision USA 2016 Highlights

Food Vision USA 2016: Innovation, Disruption and What’s Next

Bringing together diverse stakeholders from all areas of the food industry, Food Vision USA blew through Chicago in early November. On the heels of the American presidential elections, many people had the question on their minds: “What’s Next?” Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – THE TRAILBLAZERS: Afineur taps into fermented trend with ultra-smooth cultured coffee

Afineur – one of three winners in this year’s trailblazers challenge at Food Vision USA – reckons microbes can transform the flavor and nutrition of a host of agricultural products, starting with coffee. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – THE TRAILBLAZERS: Shaka Tea puts māmaki on the map, ‘We’re building an authentically Hawaiian brand’

Launching a new brand in the ready-to-drink tea market is not for the faint-hearted, but Shaka Tea – one of three winners in this year’s trailblazers challenge at Food Vision USA – has unique attributes that set it apart from the competition, says co-founder Bella Hughes. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – THE TRAILBLAZERS: Hippeas carves out new territory in snacks, ‘What really gives me confidence is the level of consumer engagement’

Give peas a chance? It’s tough breaking into the ultra-competitive snacks market with a brand that resonates across all retail channels, but Hippeas – one of three winners in this year’s trailblazers challenge at Food Vision USA – has managed to pull it off. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – VoxPop: Do consumers still ‘trust’ smaller brands after they’ve been acquired by larger companies?

Large companies are buying up smaller brands here and there, yet the size of these brands are often the reason they get a following in the first place. We chat with some of this year’s FoodVision USA attendees to see how they think consumers react to these acquisitions. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – VoxPop: Is a plant-based diet the future? We ask people in the industry

At November’s FoodVision USA, we snatched several attendees to get their take on the rising popularity of plant-based diets and food. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – 6 steps companies can take to “do good” and expand their appeal to modern consumers

Modern Americans expect much more from food companies today than they did in the past — now not only do they want food that is better for them, but they want products that also are better for society and the planet. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016 – Beyond Meat: ‘All of a sudden, the meat aisle becomes the protein aisle’

The Beyond Burger – the first refrigerated plant-based patty to sit in the meat counter – will move into all Whole Foods regions by the end of the year, while brand owner Beyond Meat is also in talks with foodservice chains interested in testing or launching the product next year, according to executive chairman Seth Goldman. Read more >

Incubation and investment at FOOD VISION USA 2016

The food industry’s biggest guns have recently been engaged in some serious retail therapy, investing in a flurry of smaller, sexier brands and setting up venture arms to nurture them. And they’re not the only ones out shopping. Read more >

FOOD VISION USA 2016: Dude, where’s my consumer?

Many ‘legacy’ food and beverage brands are losing market share because they have “lost touch with where the consumer is going,” delegates at Food Vision USA were told. Read more >

Food Vision USA 2016, the highlights: ‘Selfies from the inside,’ oats for dinner and feeding the digital natives

If you didn’t make it to Chicago last week for Food Vision USA 2016, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from personalized nutrition, savory oats and plant-based foods to the existential angst of big food brands struggling to stay relevant… Read more >

Hippeas, Shaka Tea, Afineur to take center stage at FOOD VISION USA as our 2016 trailblazers

From purveyors of ostrich meat and Kenyan purple tea to fruit- and vegetable-infused whey protein, lupini bean snacks and pizza crusts packed with veggies, the entrepreneurs entering our 2016 trailblazers challenge are at the cutting edge of food & beverage innovation. But we had to pick three winners. Read more >

The one-size-fits-all intervention approach to nutrition makes no sense – Personalization is the future

It may have been said before, but the future of nutrition is through personalization, especially for athletic individuals who want to achieve the optimal and not just normal levels, says Rony Sellam, CEO of Segterra, the company behind InsideTracker. Read more >

Let’s get personal. Your microbiome, your blood sugar and you

Could your microbiome – a huge ecosytem of trillions of bacteria living inside your body – explain why you find it harder to regulate your blood sugar than the next person? Read more >

Hartman Group to supermarkets: Embrace fresh or die (slowly)

As supermarkets continue to lose market share to high- and low-end rivals, they must fully embrace consumer demand for fresh, stock more premium products and behave more like specialty retailers if they are to survive in today’s climate, according to a new report from Hartman Group. Read more >

Sonoma Brands seeks to build a new confectionery category with SMASHMALLOW snacking marshmallows

SMASHMALLOW – the latest innovation from food & beverage brand incubator Sonoma Brands – could herald the launch of a new confectionery category: gourmet snackable marshmallows, says founder Jon Sebastiani…find out more >

Health Warrior CEO: ‘We’d love to be a true umbrella brand for healthy nutrient dense whole foods’

Chia-fueled brand Health Warrior will be unveiling new products next year that utilize other nutrient-dense whole foods, says CEO Shane Emmett, who is predicting a 40-60% rise in revenues in 2016 “depending on where certain orders land.” Read more >

US Snack subscription service Love With Food to deliver globally

Love With Food sat the move will give North American food companies the opportunity to reach new international consumers…find out more >

Industry news:


Are CPG’s biggest guns flogging dead donkeys or can their brands be salvaged?

While big ‘legacy’ food and beverage brands are laser focused on price, promotion and placement, no amount of financial or merchandising wizardry can mask…read more >

Watch the highlights from the 2015 forum:

CEO VOX POP – What is natural?

The FDA has just cranked open Pandora’s box with its surprise bid to explore a working definition of ‘natural’ on food lables. As part of the Food Vision USA program, FoodNavigator-USA quizzed food & beverage CEOs to find out……read more >

CEO VOX POP – Food & beverage entrepreneurs to watch (part 1)

Which trends will entrepreneurs be tracking in 2016 and what keeps them awake a night, from fundraising to recruitement….find out more >

CEO VOX POP – Food & beverage entrepreneurs to watch (part 2)

Which trends will entrepreneurs be tracking in 2016 and what keeps them awake a night, from fundraising to recruitement. Here’s part 2 >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Promotional blues: Why is trade spending becoming less and less effective?

With volumes flat or declining in many CPG categories, and dollar growth coming primarily from price increases, manufacturers are increasingly relying on promotions to drive engagement, but find they are becoming less and less effective.   Watch what Dr Kurt Jetta had to say in this interview with Elaine Watson, Editor FoodNavigator USA. Watch now >

The Future of Food: What’s On The Menu for 2016 & Beyond

Last month, I had the good fortune to participate in the inaugural FoodVision USA, three days of roundtable discussions, engaging presentations and interactive programs in Chicago, IL among the food industry’s movers and shakers.  Continue reading the report from attendee Kristen E. Polovoy >

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Whipstich Capital: All of the large CPG companies are trying to figure out how to run venture and incubation programs

General Mills coughed up a cool $820m to buy Annie’s last year. But it has also signaled its intention to invest in brands at an earlier stage in their development via its 310 Inc venturing arm and a recent tie up with equity crowdfunding site CircleUp.  Watch what Nick McCoy had to say when interviewed by Elaine Watson, Editor FoodNavigator USA. Watch now >


VideoClipSymbol_46x46On- and offline retail channels offer startups different paths to success, NatureBox CEO says

Online retail of food and beverage may be small now, but it’s slowly gaining traction in the US – providing start-ups struggling to get their foot in the door another option for reaching consumers, according to the CEO of online subscription snack service NatureBox.  Watch CEO Gautam Gupta in an interview with FoodNavigator USA Senior Correspondent Elizabeth Crawford. Watch now >


The highlights: From DNA diets and mass customization via 3D printing, to ‘old school’ deal tactics

If you didn’t make it to Chicago last week for the inaugural Food Vision event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional needs on a manned mission to Mars to the challenges facing small food brands trying to raise capital. Read more >


It’s called Chobani Flip; we think it’s the future of snacking, and the next billion-dollar brand in yogurt 

Chobani’s Flip ‘mix-in’ platform is operating at a run rate of $300-$350m and could be the next one billion dollar brand in yogurt, says Chobani, which is planning to take the brand…read more >


Foodini 3D printer co-founder: ‘We’ve taken a food manufacturing facility and shrunk it down to the size of a box that fits on your kitchen counter’

While 3D printing might still seem a bit like technology searching for an application when it comes to food,… read more >


Welsh Academia Focuses on the Big Challenges for Today’s Food Industry

Universities across Wales are taking the food and drink industry into a new era. Working with partners across the sector, academics and researchers are developing new technologies and solutions to address big industry issues. Read more >


How do you maintain a challenger brand mentality as a mainstream player?

‘Challenger’ brands – anarchic, agile brands which disrupt established categories – are Davids outmaneuvering industry Goliaths. And Chobani is probably the perfect example, going from zero to a billion dollars in less than a decade. But what happens when challenger brands grow up? Read more…


Nutrigenomix expands access to personalized nutrition, outlines opportunities for manufacturers

University of Toronto start-up Nutrigenomix is a pioneer in the personalized nutrition space that is helping consumers understand how variations in their genes influence their bodies’ response to food, beverages and supplements, and in doing so is helping to create new marketing opportunities for manufacturers…click here to read more.


Workshop Promotes Welsh Government Support for US Food Businesses on Eve of Food Vision USA

The Welsh Government will reveal its support for US food businesses looking to invest in Wales at a workshop to be held at The Drake Hotel, Chicago, on Monday 26 October, the evening before the inaugural Food Vision USA event. Read more >


Are you throwing good money after bad by using promotional tactics already proven not to work?

Which promotions work best? 50%off, or buy on eget one free (spoiler alert, they might be the same but they’re not equally effective)? And are fewer, deeper promotions better than frequent, more moderate deals? Read more >


VideoClipSymbol_46x46NASA food science: Complete nutrition, emerging technologies, and the Mission to Mars

NASA is exploring all forms of cutting edge technology, from 3D printing to high pressure processing and more to be able to transition its food system from the International Space Station to a Mission to Mars…watch the interview!


Taking a page from Silicon Valley

Shared economy-based tech startups like Uber and Airbnb may not seem to have much in common with a packaged food and beverage company. But even legacy-brand CPGs can learn from their entrepreneurial, collaborative approach to innovation – and get a leg up on the ever-faster-moving world…read more >

Talking Rain (Sparkling ICE) CEO: We might acquire brands, or build our own new brands

The Sparkling ICE brand notched up sales of more than $500m in 2014, is on course to top $600m in 2015, and has a fighting chance of reaching its well-publicized target of… keep reading >


Online snack subscription service NatureBox to expand to physical retail

The successful online snack subscription delivery service NatureBox wants to build brand awareness and drive more consumers to shop online by moving into the physical retail realm.  Keep reading >


VideoClipSymbol_46x46Which food & beverage companies are really driving innovation?

According to Nielsen data, 85% of new consumer packaged goods fail within two years, and big firms are no better – and often far worse – at picking winners than smaller ones, despite their deep pockets.  Keep reading >


Innovate or die: Introducing Food Vision USA…from 3D printing to personalized nutrition

Image a place where you can meet the entrepreneurs behind new food & beverage categories and retail channels; pioneers in the field of nutrigenomics, edible insects and 3D printing; food law attorneys; investment bankers; and number crunchers who can explain why you’re getting such a louse return on your promotional bucks ….[Spoiler alert it’s:….] Keep reading >

Reports & highlights from Food Vision global – France, March 18-20, 2015

‘What I already drink – but better!’ What can functional beverages offer consumers?

Consumers are keen to learn more about beverage ingredients, which is good news for the functional drink category, suggest beverage entrepreneurs. With the internet at their disposal, consumers can easily…click here to read the full article >

How has social media changed food marketing?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46The rise of Social media has led to a shift in the way consumers view food grands – and the way that food brands interact with their customers, according to experts speaking on the side lines of Food Vision in Cannes.


Shifting demands: Where will the growth in healthy foods come from?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46With an ever increasing consumer demand for healthier food products, many within the industry are asking where the growth in healthy foods will come from. Will the trend for organic and minimally processed foods mean that….


Is personalized nutrition about to go public in a big way?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Nutrigenomics – the idea of optimizing nutrition via individualized and/or pooled genetic data is one that has long promised to revolutionize how we eat – not to mention keeping us healthy and out of hospitals.


Taste beyond the tongue: How do other senses influence flavor?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Taste is much more complex than the experience of basic flavors on the tongue – it also encompasses our other senses to a larger degree than most people realize, according to Professor Charles Spence.


World’s weirdest chef wants industry to feed people ‘note by note’

VideoClipSymbol_46x46The grandfather of molecular cuisine, and the world’s weirdest chef, Hervé This believes that is is possible to create nutritious and tasty foods by reassembling the compounds that naturally make up foods into something totally new.


Small food firms’ key innovation weapon

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Small scale food and drink manufacturers have a key weapon in the battle to bring innovative new products to market – patience, according to Lance Leonard, boss of TrueDrinks.


Salty, sour, spicy, bitter: Will soft drinks ever go beyond sweets?

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Will ‘sweet’ always be superior in the soft dink category? Or will consumers embrace the whole world of senses and discover alternative tastes?


Food Vision Big Debates: Ethical eruptions, technological disruptions, challenged assumptions

Big Food needs to care more; start-ups can’t feed a planet housing 9bn people in 2050; and genuine disruptive technologies are spawning and spinning faster than flapping butterfly wings… So, er stay calm and make (hopefully healthy) food.


Top social trends food firms must follow

VideoClipSymbol_46x46Four top trends – sobriety, risk management, nutritional supplements and everyday indulgence should guide food and drink manufacturers when planning innovation.


Innovative food packaging to end sell-by-date labels

Innovative new food and drink packaging could kill off conventional ‘sell-by-date’ labels, according to innovation research firm Stylus. Click here to read the full article >

Food Vision USA news release – October 30, 2014

In October 2015 Chicago will host the first ever Food Vision USA event. Building on the success of the Food Vision global event, held annually in Cannes, France since 2013, Food Vision USA will focus exclusively on the dynamics of the world’s biggest food market and the energy and creativity of the manufacturers operating within it.  Organized by the publishers of FoodNavigator-USA and NutraIngredients-USA, Food Vision USA will explore the frontiers of innovation for America’s diverse food, beverage and nutrition industries.

Stephen Daniells, PhD, Senior Editor of FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients and Editorial Consultant of Vision Events says, “The US boasts some of the most iconic brands in the global food industry.  It is not only the biggest domestic market with annual sales of $2.1 trillion; its companies are also a major influence on global markets.  US processed food exports have set new records in each of the past five years and surpassed $45 billion in 2013.”

Daniells points to innovation across every market segment as the engine of this unprecedented growth. “As President Obama said in 2011, ‘the world is shifting to an innovation economy and nobody does innovation better than America’. Innovation touches every aspect of the food industry, from product formulation to consumer engagement, from sourcing and sustainability to brand development. Food Vision USA will provide a platform to explore the frontiers of innovation for companies large and small.”

Food Vision USA will bring together senior figures in business strategy, R&D and marketing from established players and rising stars in the US food and nutrition industries.  It will adopt the proven Vision Events formula, with a comprehensive program of presentations, discussions and debates delivered by leading practitioners and subject matter experts.

Food Vision USA will be held annually in Chicago.

Food Vision USA