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Clean food. Clean label. Clear messages.

We investigate what the ‘clean food’ revolution means for the food industry and its consumers.  Calling on experts in formulation, branding, labelling and consumer insight, we predict what a clean future might hold for big brands and natural food specialists hungry for differentiation.

Innovation. Does size matter?

With legacy food brands struggling to stay relevant to today’s consumers, should the big players simply throw in the towel and buy-in innovation from new players?  We look at who’s best placed to innovate and how far innovation can go – from incremental change to category disruption and the creation of holistic customer experiences.

The capital game. New players. New rules.

With more money available from more sources than ever before there’s never been a better time for new businesses to innovate and grow.  We investigate today’s investment engines; from venture capital to CPG strategic acquisition strategies and entrepreneur-led funds and incubators.  How will the changing rules of the capital investment game favor innovation?

Sources of protein.  Grow it, make it or farm it?

As America’s dependency on animal protein becomes increasingly unsustainable, we look at innovations that promise to deliver a fundamental shift in the nation’s eating habits.  From plant-based meat and dairy alternatives to synthetic proteins and regenerative farming – what’s the future and how will we make it palatable for consumers?

Natural vs processed. The formulation dilemma

Consumers want food and drink to be more ‘natural’, less ‘processed’, better for the environment and made from ingredients they can recognize, pronounce and trust. But they also want it to be cheap, convenient, safe, and easy to prepare.  Can they have both or is compromise inevitable?


Is the food industry working for or against the consumer? Making a profit and promoting health are not mutually exclusive, and many food brands are healthy and successful. But how much more does the food environment need to change to make the healthy option the most accessible, affordable, and appealing option?

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