Food retailing 2020: How will consumers shop 5 years from now?

American eating habits are changing but are retailers keeping pace? We consider new formats that are challenging the supremacy of the supermarkets, whose all-things-to-all-people approach and systemized merchandising based on store-size and slotting fees is accused of failing to respond to local food culture. Trend-watchers say fresh format stores are doing a better job and will grow strongly, but what other formats will work and how can food manufacturers cash in?

Moderator: Elizabeth Crawford, Senior Correspondant, FoodNavigator-USA


Tom Burkemper,
Senior Director, Merchandising
 Sean Kelly,
Senior Director, Merchandising 7-Eleven Sean Kelly
 Gautam Gupta,
Co-founder and CEO,
 Chad Arnold,
Door to Door Organics
Gautam Gupta Chad Arnold

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