What is Food Vision?

Food Vision is a three day event with a format designed to facilitate knowledge transfer; develop commercial opportunities, and grow business relationships for leaders in the international nutrition and food & drink industries.

We create a unique residential environment and community within the comfort of Chicago’s prestigious Drake Hotel. Over the course of three days and a program of highly interactive sessions and exclusive evening events, we provide the platform for exceptional engagement. Food Vision takes networking to a whole new level.

The Food Vision community is open to leaders of Research & Development, Marketing and Business Strategy within nutrition, food and drink businesses.

Watch the highlights from the October 2015 event:

Why should I attend?

Our comprehensive program of presentations, discussions and debates is designed to challenge your thinking and engage your mind. Our presenters and speakers are drawn from top performing businesses and organizations across the world; innovators, market-makers and strategists par excellence.  They’ll investigate the big issues that our industry is wrestling with today and how they can be turned into opportunities for profitable growth.

Join the Food Vision community and together let’s break new ground.  This is your opportunity to:

  • Develop new business relationships
  • Promote your brands and organization
  • Reach decision makers through unparalleled networking
  • Benefit from extensive knowledge transfer
  • Cement your leadership position

Who will be there?

Leader involved in developing food and beverage products, nutritional food products and supplements attend the Food Vision event series. Find out more about Food Vision participants here.

Food Vision is the perfect event for anyone passionate about championing innovation to generate growth, and involved in:

  • food science
  • research and development
  • brand management
  • marketing
  • business strategy

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